Tripod Trading Private Limited was established in Year 1989. Located in a humble shophouse along Dickson Road, our
company begun by supplying Roller Chains, Sprockets, Gear Motors, Worm Gear Reducers, Variable Speed Pulleys and
Couplings to the entire local industry. In Year 1994, we were proudly awarded the exclusive distribution rights in Singapore
for Kyouiku Gears (known as KG Stock Gear), which is widely recognized for their top quality precision gears in Japan.

The core of our business operations grew as we embarked on the expansion of our targeted sales group by supplying Metric
Stock Gears and Customized Gears to the local merchants.

Despite having a history of over 20 years, the management of Tripod Trading has never forgotten the fundamental fact that
our success in this field primarily owes to our loyal customer base. Therefore we in Tripod Trading strive to build a long-term business relationship with our customer and value the sustainability of this relationship by upholding our business ethics
through Honesty, Trust and Reliability.

To-date, our customers include departments from the civil sector, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Automation
companies and Factories. In addition to the local market, we also have business dealings across Asia such as firms from
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and India.

Lastly, in order to meet the different demands from our customers, Tripod Trading is pleased to extend our technical
assistance and dedicated service with the support of our overseas manufacturer, in sourcing out special or customized
items due accordance to the specifications laid out.